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11/16/09: Week 9 Notre Dame JV 6, North Haven JV 0

Notre Dame JV 0 0 6 0 - 6
North Haven JV 0 0 0 0 - 0

11/16: North Haven won the toss and deferred their choice to the second half and then kicked off to the Green Knights. Notre Dame moved to the Indians' 24 yard line on the strength of some nice runs by Sean Goldrich and a couple of pass receptions by Brandon Martin before turning the ball over on downs. North Haven had to punt it back from their own end, but a couple of plays later the Green Knights fumbled it right back. A couple of runs by Mike Ross moved the ball across midfield, but Ronald Kong was intercepted by Brandon Martin and Notre Dame took over. As the second quarter began, the Indians shut down Notre Dame's ground attack and forced them to punt.

But after gaining a first down, North Haven had to punt it right back. Each team would punt again before the half ended in a scoreless tie. The Indians received the second half kickoff, and shortly thereafter, Ronald Kong was intercepted by Zach Winterhalder who returned it 45 yards for the game's only score. Notre Dame's PAT kick was blocked, so the score was 6-0. The Indians took the ensuing kickoff and on the strength of two 4th down conversions moved down to the Green Knight's 6 yard line but could not convert on a 4th down pass into the end zone, so the ball turned over on downs on the last play of the quarter. After making a first down, Notre Dame's had to punt, but a poor kick gave the Indians the ball at midfield.

North Haven took advantage of the short field and moved down to the 2 yard line before Kong was intercepted in the endzone. A return of the ball to North Haven's 27 yard line had things looking pretty bleak, but after the Green Knights ran four plays and gained only a yard, the ball turned over on downs. A couple of plays later, Mike Ross broke off a 56 yard run to Notre Dame's 18. When it got to be fourth and 4, Kong's pass to Brandon McLane could not be caught in the back of the end zone and Notre Dame took over and ran out the clock to win this one. This was the last game of the season for the JV Indians who end their season with a 7-2 record.  (Photos)

11/7/09: Week 8 North Haven JV 19, East Haven JV 14

North Haven JV 0 13 0 6 - 19
East Haven JV 6 0 8 0 - 14

11/7: North Haven won the coin toss and elected to receive. Mike Ross returned the kick out near midfield and Ron Kong got the Indians across midfield, but then a fumbled snap while in the shotgun was recovered by the Yellow Jackets to end the drive. East Haven passed their way down and scored on a 13 yard play over the middle, but the run for 2 points that followed was stopped so the score was 6-0. North Haven responded with a nice drive that entered the Yellow Jacket redzone, but then turned the ball over on downs at the East Haven 18. Shortly after this Brandon McLane intercepted a pass and had a long run for a touchdown. Joe Burr kicked the PAT to give the Indians a 7-6 lead. East Haven's next drive quickly stalled, so they had to punt the ball back. North Haven was able to cash in after a 35 yard Ross run helped move them

down to the goal line and then Joe Burr busted in from close for a touchdown. The kick that followed was wide left so the score was 13-6 at half time. East Haven took the second half kickoff and moved right down into North Haven's redzone with a series of screen passes and runs. But when the Yellow Jackets fumbled a snap out of the shotgun it was recovered by Mike Romano on the 15. A couple of plays later, however, a snap over Ronald Kong's head rolled all the way back into the endzone and East Haven recovered it for a touchdown. The Yellow Jackets lined up for a kick, but after the holder caught the snap, he got up and rolled to his right and threw into the endzone for a 2 point conversion and a 14-13 lead. North Haven took the next kick and moved all the way into East Haven's redzone before turning it over

with about 4 minutes to play. East Haven drove across midfield but a short punt gave North Haven the ball on their own 35 with under 3 minutes to play. The Indians moved down close on the strength of a 30 yard screen pass reception and run by McLane and a 25 yard run by Mike Ross. They scored what proved to be the winning touchdown when Kong rolled to his right and stopped, turned around and fired back the other way to Brian Erickson, who was all alone in the endzone. A pass attempt for 2 points that followed was incomplete so the score was 19-14. East Haven had about a minute left, and they did manage to pass their way to the Indian's 40 yard line, but only 2 seconds remained. On the game's last play, Jason Cancel intercepted a high arching wobbly pass and North Haven won the game.  (Photos)

10/31/09: Week 7 Cheshire JV 28, North Haven JV 6

Cheshire JV 0 21 7 0 - 28
North Haven JV 0 6 0 0 - 6

10/31: Cheshire won the coin toss so North Haven kicked off. A quick three and out had the Rams punting it back to the Indians. Mike Ross took the kick back into Rams territory and followed with a few nice runs as did Freshmen Jalon White, but the drive stalled just inside the 30 and the ball turned over on downs after Frank Daniele's incomplete 4th down pass. Cheshire took over and moved down with a mixture of short passes and runs and just after the 2nd quarter began, scored a short touchdown around the left side to take a 7-0 lead. North Haven got good field position following a short kickoff and roughing penalty to start at their own 45.

Ron Kong ripped off a quick 27 yards down to the Indian 28. After a couple more Kong runs, Ross dove in from 2 yards out for a touchdown. Kong tried to earn 2 points on a keeper but was tackled short of the goal line so the score was 7-6. The Rams took the next kick and moved across midfield and then threw a short pass in the flat that was caught, but when a pair of Indian defenders sandwiched the receiver and then both fell down, the receiver went the next 30 yards untouched into the endzone for a touchdown and a 14-6 lead. North Haven took the next kickoff but had to punt very shortly after.

A missed tackle and a late hit out of bounds penalty set Cheshire up on the Indian 30 with 32 seconds in the half. When it got to be 4th down and a couple seconds left, Cheshire completed a pass to a wide open receiver in the end zone for a touchdown to take a 21-6 lead at the half. There isn't too much to report on for the second half. North Haven moved into the Rams side of the field several times, but just could not come up with a timely play today. The Rams kept converting 4th downs and eating clock and they scored another short touchdown in the third quarter on a QB keeper around the left side to close out the scoring at 28-6.   (photos)

10/24/09: Week 6 North Haven JV 28, Sheehan JV 20

Sheehan JV 6 0 8 6 - 20
North Haven JV 6 6 0 16 - 28

10/23: The rain stopped as this game was about to start and the sun was straining to come out as North Haven won the toss and elected to receive. On their first series, the Indians moved right down and scored behind some nice blocking and the runs of Ronald Kong and Mike Ross as Ross scored from about 10 yards out. The PAT kick was blocked, so the score was 6-0. Sheehan also scored on their first drive as their passing style offense moved right down inside the Indian's 10. The Titan QB took the next snap and was looking to pass, but when nothing developed, ran for the corner pylon an dove in for the touchdown. The PAT kick was short, so the score was tied at 6. Neither team could get much going after that as each team moved the ball into the other's end, but when the drives stalled, the ball turned over on downs.

The Indians would scored again late in the 2nd when Ronald Kong broke through the right side and took of for a 70 yard touchdown to put North Haven up 12-6 at the half. The second half began as the rain started to fall. Sheehan's first drive ended with an punt, and North Haven's first drive ended with an interception. But the Titans couldn't do much and had to punt it right back. But when a bad snap got bye Kong on the Indians' next possession, the Titans covered it up at took over on North Haven's 37. Sheehan capitalized quickly on this gift and scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion to go on top 14-12. Remaining composed, the Indians took the next kickoff and marched right down and scored a touchdown to retake the lead behind the rushing of Mike Ross who scored from 30 yards out.

Kong carried in the extra 2 points to put the Indians up 20-14. After a failed Sheehan drive and a short punt, the Indians got the ball back near midfield. Some nice runs by Kong and Joe Burr moved the ball into Titan territory before coming up against 4th and long inside the 40. North Haven went for it and made it when Kong connected with Brandon McLane who made a leaping catch inside the 10 for a first down. McLane would then score around the right side on an end around and J.P. DeVeglia added 2 points with a dive to open up a 28-14 lead. With about a minute to go, the Titans took the kickoff all the way back to North Haven's 38 yard line and on their first play passed into the end zone for a touchdown. The ensuing run was stopped, so the final score was 28-20.


10/17/09: Week 5 North Haven JV 14, Daniel Hand JV 13

North Haven JV 0 0 14 0 - 14
Daniel Hand JV 0 7 0 6 - 13

10/17: North Haven took the opening kickoff out to their 29 yard line and things looked pretty promising when Ronald Kong ran around the right side for 31 yards on the first play to move the ball into Tiger territory. But then 3 plays for no gain meant the Indians had to punt. After two Hand punts and two more North Haven punts, the Tigers ended up 40 yards away from the game's first score as the 1st quarter came to an end. Hand ultimately scored on a 7-yard TD pass over the middle and added the PAT for a 7-0 lead. The Indians put together a nice drive and moved into Tiger territory, but an interception and runback left Hand 55 yards from another score with just under 2 minutes in the half.

10/17: The Tigers moved into the Indians' red zone, and as time was running out, Brandon McLane made a leaping interception in the end zone to maintain a 7-0 deficit at the half. On their first possession of the second half, North Haven moved into Hand's red zone on the strength of a long pass from Kong to Brandon McLane, but the drive was thwarted by a tough Tiger D and the ball turned over on downs inside the 1 yard line. On their first play, Hand fumbled a bad snap in the end zone and Jake Mikos came out from under the pile with the ball and 6 points. The run for two that followed was stuffed, so North Haven trailed 7-6.


10/17: Hand fumbled the ball away on their next drive just short of midfield and after a pass interference call helped move North Haven in close, Kong fought his way in from the 7 yard line for a touchdown. Spencer Oakes made a great catch along the right side of the end zone to haul in 2 more points to put the Indians up 14-7 as the 3rd quarter came to a close. Hand ate up most of the 4th quarter with a long drive which culminated with a short run for a touchdown, and then went for the win by passing for 2, but were not successful. After a slanting kickoff pinned North Haven in deep, a failed drive, punt and runback gave Hand the ball on the 28 with one last try. But the Tigers could not make a first down, so North Haven took over on downs and ran out the clock to win 14-13.

10/10/09: Week 4 North Haven JV 39, Foran JV 29

Foran JV 7 8 6 8 - 29
North Haven JV 7 26 6 0 - 39

10/10: Foran received the opening kickoff and proceeded to move right down and score on QB scrambles, screen passes and dump offs. North Haven regrouped and scored a pair of quick touchdowns as Mike Ross ran them both in. Foran's next drive stalled and when it got to be 4th and 5 from their own 35 yard line, they went for it, but turned the ball over on downs with an incomplete pass.


10/10: North Haven was able to capitalize on this gift when they too came up against a 4th and 5, but converted when Brandon McLane came back around, took a handoff and threw a 25 yard TD pass in the right corner to Brian Erickson to open up a 19-7 lead. Foran came right back with their passing offense and scored a quick touchdown and added a 2 point conversion to close within 19-15. But McLane picked up a kickoff that rolled near the sidelines and zig zagged through traffic and took off for an 85 yard TD. Ronald Kong carried in the 2 point conversion and North Haven was now up 27-15.

10/10: Another Mike Ross TD run right before halftime gave the Indians a comfortable 33-15 lead. Starting the 3rd quarter, Foran kicked off into North Haven's end zone for a touchback, and then a bad snap over the QB's head on their first play pinned the Indians inside their own 10. A direct snap to Ross was handed to McLane, who was coming back around, and McLane took off for a 91 yard TD to increase the score to 39-15. Foran would pass their way to a pair of second half TDs, but they would prove not to be enough as North Haven went on to win 39-29.

10/3/09: Week 3 North Haven JV 24, Wilton JV 8

North Haven JV 0 8 8 8 - 24
Wilton JV 0 0 0 8 - 8

10/3: This game started 40 minutes early, and I missed the first quarter, so thankfully it went scoreless. As the second quarter began, North Haven stopped Wilton inside the red zone on a fourth down attempt and then took over on downs. A couple of plays later, Brandon McLane came back around on an end around, took a handoff, and ran about 70 yards for a TD. Ronald Kong passed to Ryan McLane for the 2 point conversion and an 8-0 lead which the Indians took into halftime.

10/3: In the third quarter, Mike Ross had a long run for a touchdown highlighted by some nifty moves and broken tackles and Ronald Kong ran in the 2 point conversion to increase the lead to 16-0. Wilton took the kick and passed their way to a fourth quarter touchdown and passed for a 2 point conversion to cut the lead in half at 16-8.

10/3: After North Haven went 3 and out, they punted it back to Wilton and the Warriors started marching towards a tying score, but Brandon McLane intercepted an overthrown pass and ran in back 65 yards to setup a short run for TD by Kong. A 2 point conversion made the final score 24-8.


9/26/09: Week 2 North Haven JV 21, Hillhouse JV 6

Hillhouse JV 0 0 0 6 - 6
North Haven JV 7 7 7 0 - 21

9/26: The JV Indians scored a touchdown in each of the first three quarters as Chris Burr, Ronald Kong and Mike Ross each crossed the goal line. Mark Zurlis drilled all 3 PATs as North Haven build up a 21-0 lead. Burr also had an interception while playing defense (above).

9/26: The defense stood tall all day keeping Hillhouse out of the endzone while killing three Academic drives that made it into the red zone but ended with failed 4th down attempts.


9/26: The last of these happened late in the fourth quarter when Brandon McLane intercepted a pass at the goal line. Shortly thereafter, a bad snap over QB Frank Danielle's head was fumbled before being  recovered in the end zone by the Academics to make the final score 21-6.

9/19/09: Week 1 North Haven JV 16, Branford JV 8

North Haven JV 0 8 8 0 - 16
Branford JV 8 0 0 0 - 8

9/19: North Haven won the coin toss and deferred their choice to the second half and then kicked off to the Hornets. Zac Cast received the kick and tore right through the middle and returned it the other way for a touchdown. A run through the right side added the 2 point conversion and Branford had an early 8-0 lead. The two teams then traded possessions until midway through the second quarter.

9/19: The Indians put together a nice drive behind the rushing of QB Ronald Kong and running back Mike Ross but it was Chris Burr who made it around the left side and scored the Indians touchdown. Ronald Kong broke through the right side on the keeper to tie the score at 8 as the teams headed into halftime.


9/19: In the third quarter, the Indians put together a solid drive which  saw Kong completing some passes and Ross with some runs, the last of which broke into the end zone for a go ahead touchdown. Kong zipped a pass to Mike Romano for the 2 point conversion and a 16-8 lead. Matt Manameit picked off a Hornet pass in the fourth quarter to kill Branford's attempt at tying the score and North Haven came away with a win.


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9/19/13: Vanacore Field, North Haven 7:00 pm

Xavier Varsity 0 13 8 7 - 28
North Haven Varsity 7 14 0 21 - 42

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North Haven Freshmen 0 22 6 6 - 34
Xavier Freshmen 0 7 0 7 - 14

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North Haven Varsity 14 14 7 7 - 42
Bridgeport Central Varsity 0 0 0 8 - 8

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